Houses & Facilities

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About our facilities and residences

Our homes and offices are located in downtown Portland, Maine. Our three fully furnished residences in the city’s historic district are a hop from the downtown area and just half a mile from our program and clinical campus in the Bayside neighborhood. Residents can walk, bike or drive to and from our homes and offices. Portland’s intimate size means they can also transport themselves around town easily and quickly. In our family-style of living, residents share common dining, family and living rooms, cook for themselves, and share in house chores.

Our program and clinical campus comprises four buildings within a one-block radius, making it easy to move from group to group and stay engaged in our active and vibrant environment. Residents start their day in our clinical building, climb or workout in our rock wall activity building, complete schoolwork in our education center and relax in our therapeutic float spa – all on one block in the heart of Portland.

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