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The goal of the Foundation House Therapeutic Float Spa is to introduce a progressive method for our residents to relax their nervous system, calm their thought process, and practice mindfulness is a unique way. Ongoing clinical and psychological studies of float therapy have shown multiple benefits, such as reducing stress by lowering cortisol levels; managing chronic pain, injury, and illness; fighting anxiety and depression; elevating mood; and even improving sports performance.


Recent advances in neuroscience have allowed scientists to monitor the human brain during practices like meditation and see how brain activity changes. Research from fMRI studies show that meditating activates parts of the brain associated with attention and decreases activation in the amygdala, the part of the brain that kicks off the fight-or-flight response to a real or perceived threat. Floating acts as a shortcut to reach this meditative state.

“It’s nice to experience anxiety relief
that doesn’t require medication.”


The Process:

Residents are able to sign up for a 90-minute session in the Float Spa throughout the week as part of their regular weekly schedule. Located on the top floor of our program building, a quiet and relaxing atmosphere with panoramic views of the Bayside neighborhood creates an ideal atmosphere to unwind and focus on calming the body and mind. Our Reading Nook is stocked with carefully selected books on recovery, mindfulness and philosophy. The Tea Bar is stocked with healthy snacks, calming teas and bottled water allowing residents to spend time after their float refueling and hydrating while processing their experience.


45-90 minute sessions
Fully-outfitted float rooms
Sensory Deprivation
Sitting area

Why it works:

Float Therapy takes advantage of an innate, natural inclination to relax when floating at a comfortable temperature. The temperature in the pod allows natural heat generation to escape without the need for muscle action to raise body temperature in homeostasis. The floating posture allows all the postural muscles to relax and the water pressure is lower than blood pressure which encourages blood flow in skin capillaries.

The natural tendency of the body in the floating posture and at the correct temperature is to dilate the blood vessels, reducing the blood pressure. The brain activity normally associated with postural muscles is reduced to a minimum. In this state, natural endorphins are released reducing pain. Lactic acid removal is accelerated and activity in the lymphatic system is increased.

Floating and The New England Patriots:

Here at Foundation House, we have never been shy about paying close attention to what has made the New England Patriots the dynasty that they have become over the course of two decades. Let’s face it, in our own backyard we have had the luxury of observing an organization that continues to play at a higher level than their competition, and as a result, we have borrowed numerous nuances of what makes them so good for so long. Right down to the use of float pods. Please read this article The New England Patriots and Float Tanks, and see why Foundation House offers its clients, much like the New England Patriots offers its players, every advantage imaginable to find peace, calm, focus, rest, and healing even under the most pressurized of situations.


Reading Nook
Mindful space
Tea Bar
Tea from our trip to India

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