International Expeditions

Sobriety can take us to some pretty amazing places. The Foundation House International Expedition Program offers an incredible opportunity for our residents to experience fun and exploration in early recovery, in ways they never thought possible.

“An intentional change of pace can shake things up and realign focus”

These annual journeys challenge our residents to move beyond the boundaries of their own personal and cultural experiences and to explore new parts of the world and themselves. Many of our residents have missed such opportunities due to the perils of addiction. Our aim is to use the experience of traveling to adjust our residents’ perceptions of reality – instead of imagining how things may be, we teach them to see things as they are.

A major component of these International Expeditions is service work. During each trip we focus on giving back as much as we are taking away. This obligation makes the journey home with us to Portland, as we continue life-long service commitments relative to each trip.

Most importantly, however, these trips are all about having fun.

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