International Travel

Three SUVs on a safari travel on a dirt road surrounded by elephants.
On Safari in Tanzania, Africa 2014.

At Foundation House, our International Expedition Program transcends the traditional boundaries of behavioral health, mental health, and substance abuse treatment by offering unique and transformative treatment experiences through international travel. Our expeditions are profound experiences of self-discovery where clients learn to embrace sobriety as an exciting journey of lifelong exploration and growth.

The Purpose and Power of Our International Expeditions

Our International Expedition Program offers more than just travel; it is an integral part of our therapeutic process. These experiences are meticulously curated and designed to expose our clients to new cultures, environments, and challenges, which significantly enhance their recovery, community connection and personal development. Our clients and alumni learn to navigate the world and their recovery with newfound clarity and purpose. This program is truly distinct within the mental health and substance abuse treatment industry—no other program offers such immersive and expansive experiences.

“Going to Africa with Foundation House showed me that the world was so much bigger than what I had experienced so far in my life. It gave me hope I hadn’t felt in a long time.”
—ELLIOT D., Alumni, Africa ‘14

Explore Our Unique Journeys:

Two men kneel close to a wooden deck while screwing in the last wooden board.
Volunteering in the community – St. John’s, B.V.I.

Foundation House’s Mission In Action

Each expedition is crafted to reinforce the values of community and shared experience, which are central to sustained recovery, while also including service work that emphasizes the importance of giving back—a cornerstone of our program’s philosophy. Aligned with our mission, these journeys serve to expand personal horizons and foster a global perspective among our clients. Each trip encourages self-discovery, community building, and a deeper commitment to sobriety through shared, service-oriented activities. Our goal extends beyond supporting recovery; we aim to ignite a passion for life beyond treatment, helping each client embrace a broader, more engaged existence.

Witnessing Climate Change Firsthand

Central to our mission, each expedition provides a powerful, real-world context to witness the impacts of climate change. By observing both the visible destruction and the subtler, long-term changes in ecosystems, clients draw parallels between the environment and personal recovery. This powerful metaphor underscores the interconnectedness of personal actions and global consequences, fostering a sense of responsibility and empowerment.

Looking over the shoulder of a man at a glacier and mountain range.
Witnessing Climate Change Firsthand – Patagonia, Chile 2022
A group of young men gather in front of many United Kingdom flags lining a tree covered walking path in England.
Our very first expedition – London, England 2013

Community and Transformation

Traveling in a group with staff, alumni, and fellow clients creates a tight-knit community that supports each individual’s journey. These shared experiences forge strong bonds and a support network that lasts long after the trip ends, proving invaluable in maintaining long-term sobriety.Upon returning to the U.S., clients often report a profound transformation in their outlook on life and recovery. The global perspective gained through these expeditions inspires continued growth, a renewed commitment to sobriety, and a deeper understanding of their place in the world. These insights significantly impact their approach to everyday challenges and enhance their overall mental health. The experiences gained from international travel not only enrich their personal lives but also invigorate their commitment to community and service.

“When I first got sober I thought I was doomed to a boring life. That couldn’t have been further from the truth—going to India was the ultimate example of how gratifying sobriety can be. I came back with the confidence that there wasn’t anything I couldn’t do and nowhere I couldn’t go.”
—CHRIS S., Alumni, India ‘16

A young man covered in brilliant pink, purple, and blue paint from head to toe.
Chris S., at the Holi Festival – Varanasi, India 2016

Join Us on a Journey of Recovery

Our International Expedition Program is just one of the ways Foundation House stands apart in the field of substance abuse and mental health treatment. We invite you, or your loved one, to join us on these life-changing journeys to not only explore the world but to rediscover yourself in the process—one extraordinary trip at a time.

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