Lukas Pihlblad

Operations Facilitator

A man with a white shirt in a light room smiles.Luke was born in San Diego, California and subsequently moved to Des Moines, Iowa at a young age. He spent his formative years here, playing sports and prioritizing academic excellence – putting immense pressure on himself to succeed. The expectations Luke put on himself began to warp into the belief he was inadequate, creating a cycle of anxiety that would run his life. Paralyzed by fear, Luke’s relationships began to suffer. He turned to drugs and alcohol, which seemingly offered Luke a way out of his anxiety. At first this was his solution, but in time it slowly morphed into dependency and took what little Luke had left of himself. He realized that what was once his solution was now taking everything from him. Luke reached a crossroads in his life and as a result, he sought treatment for both his mental health and his substance abuse – leading him on his path to Foundation House.

Once Luke arrived at Foundation House, he began to dive into the community and discovered that he no longer felt inadequate. He was able to connect with his peers, finding friends that accepted him and stood by him on his journey in recovery. Luke now lives a life free from drugs and alcohol, which he attributes this to the community and help he received during his time at Foundation House. After leaving Foundation House, he wanted to give back to the community that gave so much to him. In order to do so, Luke stayed heavily involved with the program as an alumnus – leading him to becoming an Operations Facilitator. In this role, Luke can provide support to the community that supported him so fully – passing down the gift he given when he was a resident.

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