Mark Fleming, CRMA, ADCA

Clinical Facilitator

Mark Fleming, Operations Facilitator at Foundation HouseMark was born and raised in Haverhill, Massachusetts in the heart of New England. After developing personal struggles with substance abuse at an early age, Mark found himself in several treatment centers before fostering the recovery and program that guide him today. In his last treatment experience, Mark was given the gift of desperation, and the willingness to lean on others for support. It was this acceptance that allowed him to work through the discomfort and challenges of early recovery, and forge a new path of connection and wellness.

Mark is fully engaged in the recovery community here in Portland, and is a strong advocate for the power of vulnerability and asking for help. As a member of the Foundation House team, he offers residents valuable personal experience, and a great example of how to overcome the struggles of early recovery. His plans for the future are to continue in the recovery field and work towards becoming a licensed therapist. Mark believes the best thing he can do for his own recovery and for others, is to offer the same help and guidance that was given to him. Mark is grateful to begin that work here at Foundation House, and our team is grateful for his example to the residents of the program.

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