“The counselors are amazing and have been a great help”

My son was a troubled teen and in need of a positive direction in his life when he came to Foundation House. He is a smart student and talented athlete who lost his way and became addicted to pain killers following two surgeries in one year from athletic injuries. He had simply lost his way and lost his motivation. When he entered Foundation House he immediately bonded with the other guys and felt welcome. The counselors are amazing and have been a great help and support system through his journey. He became involved in healthy activities such as hiking, flag football and softball. He opened up his mind to a whole new world and became more tolerant of others. He developed life-long friendships that were stronger than any other friendships that he had in the past. He also returned to college and is a top student. My husband and I are forever grateful for the guidance that Foundation House provided and feel so fortunate that our son participated in the program.

Robyn J.
Phoenix, Arizona
Parent of Foundation House Resident 2012