“Foundation House has been a blessing”

Foundation House is an awesome place and it has been the right program for my 19 year old son.  When I first visited the website while searching for a transition facility for my son following his 70 days in wilderness therapy, I was drawn to the “foxhole” mentality.  All I can say is that the “foxhole” is real and it has worked.

I believed that my son would have a much greater chance at sobriety if he was surrounded by like-minded young men and was able to develop a strong sober network.  This is exactly what happened.  Between 12-step work, group and individual therapy, participation in athletic activities, weekend camping trips and numerous other activities, my son has been part of an extremely well designed program to aid his recovery.   Portland is a great New England town and Foundation House is walking distance to employment and education opportunities that my son has been able to utilize.  There is also a very strong Foundation House alumni network in Portland if my son decides to stay in the area after leaving the program.

Foundation House has been a blessing.  It has been the right placed for my son while the Family Workshop weekend and weekly family group calls have made it the right place for my wife and me.  I could not give it a higher recommendation.


Chris C.
Arnold, MD
Parent of Foundation House Resident 2017