“Grateful for all that you do”

During family week of our son’s wilderness treatment program we were informed that aftercare was necessary for him to continue his sober life. Never did we think that the recommendation for him would be at Foundation House in Portland, Maine of all places-about as far as you can get from Arizona. After researching and then visiting Portland and meeting some of your staff, we knew that Portland was a fit for our son. It was important to us as parents that he re-enter sober life surrounded by positive role models that include the morals and values in which we believed. From the moment our son stepped off the plane, Foundation House was committed to his future. They truly care about the young man within, his gifts and talents, and through their process provided him with a safe environment to experience and be open to the feelings of sobriety. He was not alone in the new changes and choices he made for himself. At Foundation House he learned to respect himself and others, be accountable for his actions and desire the discipline it takes to work, volunteer and return to his education.

Patrick and the staff champion each young man in their program to be the best they can be whatever their pursuit. Our son entered Foundation House in early sobriety embracing the recovery tools he learned in the wilderness, open to the foundation and principles offered in his new surroundings and today chooses to remain in Portland, Maine. We see that he is grateful for the sober life he leads, living on his own, going to a college of his choice on scholarship, working part time, and participating in sports he loves. He has a confidence, self worth, integrity and strong character about him we have never seen before. We believe that Foundation House provided him the opportunities that allowed him the humility, growth and gratitude that makes him the amazing man he is today.

As parents, we received support and encouragement from Patrick and the staff at Foundation House every step of the way during his stay and the recovery process for ourselves was eased by their constant feedback and communication. We believe that our son will continue to remain involved with the young men at Foundation House and give back just as those gave to him. We are grateful for all that you do.

Warmest regards,

Diane and Steve N.
Phoenix, Arizona
Parents of Foundation House Resident 2010-2011