“He really clicked with the program at Foundation House”

As you know we came to pick up our son this past weekend.

It was difficult to leave the place where he has had so much success. But it is time to move on.

We did not know about Foundation House before it was recommended by professionals we had been working with including where he had been for primary treatment. . Indeed we were uncertain as to whether it was the right fit and our son as you may know was skeptical as to whether there was much more he could accomplish there.

But as you know it worked out tremendously well. We don’t know what the future holds but we are confident our son is in a far better place than he was a year ago. He really clicked with the program at Foundation House.

There were many people there who were supportive and helpful in his accomplishments. Cort was great at helping him with the project he was working on in the woodshop. Many of the others were helpful in providing advice and direction.

Of course Woody was a key part of the successes of the past number of months. I can see why other parents recommended him. His commitment to our son and what needed to be accomplished was marvelous and we have sent him a separate note thanking him.

But none of the experiences and achievements of the past number of months would have happened if Evan did not go to Foundation House. It was not easy for us given we work in Canadian dollars and do not have unlimited funds. But your willingness to work with us on making sure we could find a way for our son to not only go to Foundation House but to stay as long as he needed to made it much easier. We really appreciate how you made it as easy as you did.

R and S
Toronto, Canada