“It’s what every man needs, whether they have an addiction problem or not.”

North American culture lacks any right of passage for our young men. With multiple distractions, an overwhelming amount of information – good and bad, and serious social challenges, people of any age find life difficult to navigate. Drugs and alcohol are an easy way to numb, and the drug culture provides a tribe for our young men. Patrick and the team at Foundation House understand that. They know how important male relationships, camaraderie, and foundational experiences are to sobriety and success. They know how to get back to the basics of what it means to be a man.

They know the “tricks of the trade” and how to hold these men accountable – all while providing the family support you’ll need to let go and remember what you loved about your son.

You will see this when you walk into a FH facility. You will see men stand up and shake your hand to greet you. You will see men with confidence navigate their day. You will see men supporting men. It’s what every man needs, whether they have an addiction problem or not. You will be amazed at the man your son, brother, husband or even father will become after Foundation House.

Our family is forever grateful for a second chance at life for our young son, who lost himself for many, many years. We are grateful for the opportunity our son had to be a part of such an amazing crew that has lead him down a pathway for a sober and bright future. We are grateful everyday for the support staff and counselors at Foundation House who really “got” our son Ryan.

Thank you.

Heather & Ren M. and Christian S.
Steamboat Springs, CO
Parents of Foundation House Resident 2019