“Sincere, beneficial and reinforcing bonds”

After twelve months in a highly regarded long-term facility in New Jersey, our 22 year old son still required a supervised but supportive program in his recovery and induction into independent living. He was referred to Foundation House in Maine and, after spending six months there, he remains committed to his sobriety, accepts accountability and responsibility, and expresses gratitude and appreciation in his new life.

In our opinion, the city of Portland, the staff and philosophy of the program and the camaraderie of the residents are the salient ingredients in this crucial transition. More specifically, Portland is an attractive, vibrant and accessible city with many opportunities and amenities. Through their own experiences, Patrick and his staff invariably provided genuine comfort, insightful knowledge and prudent strategies for inquiring parents like ourselves. Lastly, the culture and fellowship of the residents themselves generated sincere, beneficial and reinforcing bonds among these men who are pursuing sobriety.

As loving and diligent parents we acknowledge the ongoing perils of this disease but we have grown hopeful, grateful, and optimistic about the progress of our son. Thus, we recognize, thank, and compliment Foundation House as a critical “step” in this lifelong mission of recovery.

Kathy and Joe P
New Jersey
Parents of Foundation House Resident 2010