“We were in unchartered territory once again and all I can say is how fortunate I truly feel to have learned about Foundation House.”

Twenty-one months ago, our lives were rocked on a Sunday afternoon. Today we feel incredibly blessed and owe boundless gratitude to Foundation House. The story I could share – our family story; my son’s story; my story – is personal of course but would likely sound hauntingly familiar to others reading, possibly to you.  The phone rings. Life spirals. The helplessness is so overwhelming it’s deafening.

Our son started his journey in a wilderness rehabilitation program 8 hours from home. I will never forget the pain of hugging him goodbye and driving away into the black night. A few months later, it was time to decide where our son would live as he began the recovery phase. We were in unchartered territory once again and all I can say is how fortunate I truly feel to have learned about Foundation House.

Foundation House is a community; a culture; a family. There are peers who befriend and confront you; staff who nurture and challenge you; and alumni who understand and guide you. Our son once said, “Patrick has cornered the market on recovery programs.” I believe that’s true. Our son was able to experience life in a different way – a healthy way, a sober way, and most importantly in a FUN way. He matured a great deal at Foundation House during his 9-month stay and became extremely close to several of the guys. In fact, six months after returning home, he asked for a plane ticket back to Maine and Foundation House so he could attend “group”, hang at The Foxhole, eat at his favorite neighborhood breakfast place, play ball at the gym, and likely walk the cobblestone streets that I feel sure helped ground him.

I asked my son today what comes to mind when he thinks about Foundation House. He immediately replied, “[It] helped me learn to live the life I was meant to and to enjoy the things I love in life again.” It seems to me that his words are the best testimonial of all.  As his mother, I can share that recovery has certainly taught me to be present … to be where my feet are … and to ask for strength for my son and our family “just for today”.  But if weren’t for Foundation House, I’m not sure we would have made it to this day.  I’m the first to admit that everyone’s situation is different, but if you reading this, I wholeheartedly urge you to find out more – and I wish you strength for THIS day.


Allison B.
Birmingham, AL
Parent of Foundation House Resident 2016