“Words cannot really express how grateful I feel”

Words cannot really express how grateful I feel every day that Nathan and I were led to Foundation House. At the end of Nathan’s stay in the wilderness in January 2011, I was guided to find an extended care program for him. I was told by the people who knew better than I that this would be his best chance for success. Nathan’s sobriety was so fragile and the structure he’d need was more than I could provide. We had many options on extended care facilities, in the end Nathan chose Foundation House. We both had no idea what to expect. Nathan was a resident at Foundation House for 11 months. Your staff guided Nathan with love and provided the structure that Nathan needed. The road was not always smooth but the growth was noticeable every month and I continued to trust them. Nathan is nearing 2 years of sobriety and I see him growing and happier than I’ve ever known him to be.

Nathan remains in Portland, living, working, and staying connected with his Foundation House family. That is what Foundation House has become for him. A few members of your staff have become the positive male role models in his life that Nathan has always needed.

My life has changed because of Foundation House. I am able to let go, knowing that Nathan is in good hands and I’ve done everything I could do to support Nathan in his recovery.

I think I can share one story that Nathan told me about a friend who decided to move back home after spending time in Portland after leaving Foundation House. Patrick called Nathan’s friend to let him know if he ever needed help to call and Patrick would help him in any way that he could. These are the people of Foundation House. They genuinely care about our children and want more than anything to see them succeed.

Finally, while trying to decide whether to send Nathan to an after-care program, the money was an issue for me as a single mother. It was very stressful knowing that there were no guarantees on how my son would do. I really believe that the environment in Portland and Foundation House specifically gave my son the tools, love, and acceptance that he needed. For the rest of my life, I will be grateful for having the courage to send Nathan to Foundation House and that Nathan had the courage to say yes when he was not sure at all that he wanted to go.

Chicago, Illinois
Parent of Foundation House Resident 2012