Acadia Recording Studio

Acadia Recording Studio, 105 Hanover Street, Portland, Maine

105 Hanover Street

  • Guitars and instruments for use
  • Large performance room
  • 3 isolation recording booths
  • Hybrid analogue/digital control room
  • Steps from our main office
  • Click here for map

The Acadia Recording Studio opened in the early 2000s and works with a wide range of clients and musical styles to create interesting albums, EPs and singles. It provides a full-service studio where our residents can play, record and experiment with their musical interests. Acadia boasts a large performance room with reclaimed hardwood floors, surrounded by three separate isolation booths with great sight lines into the live space. Our residents can work together or solo to create records and monitor their progress as musicians. The studio provides instruments such as pianos, keyboards, guitars, drum sets and everything else our residents could desire to make music.

“Sometimes it takes a long time to learn how to play like yourself.”
— Miles Davis

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