Residential Office

Residential Office, 38 Deering Street, Portland, Maine

38 Deering Street

  • Neighborhood office
  • Next door to residences
  • Meeting space for ownership and clients/families
  • Beautiful kitchen for family meals
  • Backyard patio for special events
  • Click here for map

Our residential office is located right next door to our home at 40 Deering St. This convenient location offers Foundation House a comfortable staff presence near our client residences. Our Executive Team works from this office, providing a meeting place for residents and our most senior staff to connect in a unique and intimate way. This beautiful Victorian home is located on a quiet street just a block from downtown Portland. The backyard seating area plays host to alumni and staff events in plain view of our residence next door. This inviting and shared atmosphere with our clients creates a family setting that fosters trust and comfort between our residents and our staff.

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