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Special Surfers – August 2018

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Foundation House is proud to support the amazing organization at Special Surfers – a non-profit group that gives special needs children and young adults the opportunity to ride the waves. There is no cost to participants or their families, and all equipment and instruction is provided. Special Surfers events are held the third Tuesday of each month in June, July and August at Gooches Beach in Kennebunk, Maine. Hundreds of special surfers and volunteers participate at each event, providing a real sense of community and accomplishment for all.

Our residents and staff are thrilled to spend time in the water with this inspiring organization and its courageous participants. The Special Surfers program shows the joy a community can bring to the lives of special needs individuals and their families through volunteerism and generosity.

The images below are from the evening of August 21, 2018.

Experiential Activities

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Our therapists and staff walk alongside our guys performing real-life therapy with every strike-out, homerun, dropped ball or touchdown. One of the benefits of an experiential approach is the opportunity for the clinician to observe a client in situations where the the focus is not on the therapy itself which allows for authentic responses and emotions to surface and be processed.
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