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We believe in a strong holistic focus in early recovery – combining a variety of therapies such as mind-body therapies, yoga, meditation, acupuncture healthy nutrition, exercise, creative arts therapies and more. Every week our residents are engaged in these activities in an attempt to “slow down” the thought process and find awareness physically, emotionally and spiritually.


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Foundation House employs a variety of daily, weekly, monthly and annual activities to keep our residents busy and encourage the idea of having fun in early recovery. Most addicts and alcoholics would never consider that getting sober would include dogsledding, rock climbing, fishing, kayaking, archery, or a freezing plunge into the ocean on New Years Day!

Wilderness Adventures and Therapy

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Foundation House is the best transition from wilderness therapy available in our industry. The experience of residents who go through a wilderness program is often misunderstood or discounted in the next phase of recovery.
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Many young men in recovery turn to exercise when they get sober. Expending energy in a healthy way and working with your peers in a team environment creates many teachable moments for our residents in relation to their recovery from drugs and alcohol. During the spring and summer we have a softball league that plays every Saturday and includes both current residents and alumni. In the winter, our flag football league takes the place of softball with the same goal in mind. Through the week, our Ice Hockey league plays throughout the winter as well, and provides an outlet and activity for our residents on nights when boredom and restlessness can set in.

Music Studio

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Music is a creative outlet that can have a large impact on the life of a young man in early recovery. This creative therapy can have a powerful influence on emotions and mood and allow our residents to express their feelings in a way that allows an individual to feel safe in doing so. Music therapy has been shown to help people manage deal better with a variety of conditions. Our music studio is located just steps from our main office and residents can play, record and produce their own music together on a weekly basis.

Nutritional Component

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Most addicts and alcoholics develop poor eating habits in active addiction. Prior to receiving treatment they eat irregularly, or eat only foods that are quick, cheap and low in nutritional value. When entering Foundation House an individual is returning to the real world. In this stage, we believe it is important to develop good nutritional habits and work to keep the body as healthy and disease-free as possible. Our mission is to educate our clients to shop, prepare and eat in such a way that helps them feel better and show up for themselves and others in early recovery. Our Recovery Cooking Classes take place at our very own restaurant, The Triangle Café, located just a block from our main office.

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