Campbell Wellham

Operations Facilitator

Campbell Wellham, Operations Facilitator at Foundation HouseCampbell was born in Texas and raised in Marietta, Georgia. Campbell grew up with a passion for sports which helped keep him focused during his formative years; however, Campbell always felt that he lacked a sense of community and belonging. This perceived deficit led to Campbell finding himself in a dark place, turning to alcohol and other substances to self-medicate. This self-medication rapidly turned into alcoholism by the time he was eighteen. After graduating high school, Campbell began finding himself in and out of treatment centers. After a few years of this hectic cycle, Campbell received the gift of desperation he needed and found himself completely willing to do what it took to achieve sobriety. This catalyst resulted in him finding his way to Foundation House.

After arriving at Foundation House, Campbell threw himself into the program and thrived off the community it provided, allowing him to feel the sense of belonging he had been searching for his whole life. He found his home. Campbell looked up to senior residents and staff members and started to follow their lead to make the most of his experience at Foundation House. In turn, this prompted him to dive fully into Alcoholics Anonymous and the Portland recovery community, which was only possible due to the emotional safety Foundation House provided for him. Through Foundation House and Alcoholics Anonymous, Campbell received more than just a sense of belonging; he began to feel internal peace and healing. As an alumnus of Foundation House, Campbell remains active in the Portland Alcoholics Anonymous community and stays rooted in the community he built while in the program. Campbell is excited to give back to the residents what he learned during his time at Foundation House.

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