Chris Madden

Admissions Coordinator

A man in a red plaid shirt smiles in front of a blue lit background.Chris possesses a wealth of experience, having dedicated four years to working with individuals on their journey to recovery. His professional journey commenced at a local recovery center, where he diligently contributed to the well-being of those seeking support. Over time, Chris transitioned into one-on-one mentorship, recognizing the profound impact personalized guidance can have on individuals navigating the path to recovery.

A firm believer in the transformative power of support, Chris values the opportunity to facilitate positive changes in the lives of others. Drawing from his own personal experience as someone in recovery, he understands the significance of a comprehensive and well-rounded recovery program. This firsthand knowledge enables Chris to approach his work with empathy, insight, and a genuine commitment to holistic well-being.

Chris aligns closely with the mission and offerings of Foundation House, recognizing the importance of a multifaceted approach to recovery. He appreciates the organization’s commitment to providing clinical support, engaging wellness activities, adventurous experiences, athletics, and a sense of accountability. Chris sees these elements as integral components in fostering sustainable and meaningful recovery journeys for individuals under his guidance.

In pursuit of furthering his impact, Chris is actively working towards becoming a clinician. This endeavor reflects his dedication to expanding his professional skills and enhancing his ability to support individuals on their unique paths to recovery. By undertaking this role, Chris aims to contribute even more significantly to the well-being and transformation of those he serves.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Chris’s passion for the outdoors is evident. When not at Foundation House, he can be found immersing himself in the natural beauty of the lakes, mountains, and beaches of New Hampshire and Maine. This connection with nature not only serves as a personal source of rejuvenation for Chris but also underscores his belief in the therapeutic benefits of outdoor activities as a complement to the recovery journey.

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