Logan Cundiff, CRMA, WFR

Clinical Facilitator & Wilderness Guide

A local to the Four Corners area, Logan grew up guiding wilderness expeditions throughout the American West. He holds a degree in Adventure Education and has specialized his work in the recovery industry. With over a decade of leadership experience, having guided thousands of people deep into the wild, Logan holds a vast skillset in creating a safe and meaningful experience whenever working with residents.

He has witnessed the process of change many times over. He knows it is different for everyone and often rigorous, with many mountains to conquer. Logan brings the metaphors to life, allowing residents to transfer their experience from “out there” into “real life”.As a Maine resident, he satisfies his need to contribute and learn with Foundation House.

Along with his guiding credentials, which include Wilderness First Responder and Maine Guide, Logan is trained in Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and group facilitation. He has decided to bring his skills to a more clinical environment while joining wilderness trips when he can.

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